Amoramora has been saving the world with rock’n’roll since 2015. Every live show is guaranteed to blast off into a cosmic dance party and features an ever changing blend of psychedelic jams, funk, bluegrass and beyond. Fueled by high-energy improvisation, the undeniable joy this quartet shares onstage is reflected by their devout and growing fanbase, the Amorheads & Amorons. Based out of Boulder, the band formed on The Hill at The University of Colorado. After selling out The Fox Theatre they established themselves as a full time touring act with a commitment to constantly new live shows and expanding their already extensive catalog of original material

The quartet, two of which have music degrees from the University of Colorado and University of Miami (FL), create a fresh set-list every night to keep the audience on their toes. Along with the deep instrumental blend of guitar, keyboard, trumpet, EWI, bass & drums, all four members are vocalists. Astronomic compositions take the listener on an engaging journey while whimsical and captivating lyrics fuel the fire of musical imagery.Originally from Chicago, Cleveland, Washington DC, and Boulder, their diverse backgrounds come together with a deep love and understanding of American art & music.

Amoramora has had the experience of working with fantastic musicians from projects such as Lettuce, Vulfpeck, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, The Motet, Tauk, The Werks, RJD2, The Floozies, Thievery, The New Mastersounds, Animal Liberation Orchestra, Melvin Seals & JGB, The Derek Trucks Band, Tea Leaf Green, and Fruition.

Danny Evans – Guitar/Vox

Eric Levine – Bass/Vox

Michael Lenssen – Keys/EWI/Trumpet/Vox

Tommaso Veronesi – Drums/Percussion/Vox


“They radiate a frothy amalgamation of funky jam vibes infused with catchy vocals that are sure to ingrain themselves in your cranium.” – The Dankles

“The groovy tunes are easy to listen to and impossible to sit still to. The songs are sung by different members of the band, giving each track that unique sound.” – Resound Magazine

“Someone cloned Jim James and grew him up in a different era with different influences and different friends, and named him Danny instead of Jim. When Amoramora performs it feels like whatever other­worldy energy that caused rock music to come into being in the first place, has taken control of them and is using them to give itself new form.” ­ – Dustin Huth,

“Amoramora has groove, soul and rock ‘n’ roll on lock. Together, they create a sound that can only be described as what Veronesi calls ‘some phunky rock ‘n’ roll jazz.’ They bring the rock star attitude and mix it with some intricate keyboard tunes and accents on the horn.” ­ – CU Independent

“Amoramora is a Boulder­based band specializing in making you shake your groove thing and get down on the get down.” ­ – Resound Magazine

“Amoramora started the night off with some jams and covers that everyone sang and danced along to, a perfect way to start off the night…” ­ – The Verge

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